Windows Troubleshooting: Fix The Issue All By Yourself

Any pc and internet user tend to click immediate links which serve as click baits. The user unknowingly brings forth unwelcome foreign software which serves no purpose and lies dormant over time. These software’s are developed to enter into the computer system and steal information, the majority of them are malware and unsupported system files which infiltrate important user information files and mess around with security disabling firewalls and several blocks of the shield which protect the computer from unhindered dangers. The problems lie here that the malwares also carry Trojan horse viruses which are considered as a legitimate threat to the system. Beginner users aren’t aware of the dangers listed above as it is a trial error method. Developers develop latest methods to tackle them, but an automated system might not give an edge over manual methods to tackle which serves as the passing point whether it is completely robotic or completely. For example, there is this widely appeared message “Your computer has been blocked” which lists various viruses and malwares to be the problem. This persuades to contact a technical support system which can clear up the issues, don’t be fooled this is not even legitimate; this is the first form of breach of cyber security which can hamper the system. This scamming is pretty much Common To Fool People The Image Cites As Follows:

This Image Is An Example Of The Newly Updated Version Of The Fake Alerts

These images show the type of misinformation being spread which cites the false errors. These errors can be shown by accessing a certain system file and rewriting them as error messages; the scammers are always on their toes to whoever get lured into the traps of errors messages. Most get panic stricken and click on whatever instructions are given which allow passage for the illegal malwares to be downloaded; the main motives are to steal whatever useful information is available via using error codes like This ‘Your Computer Has Been Blocked Error 268d3’. These instructions lure users to a paid customer support centre, which is a total scam an, in turn, is a profitable source of revenue for developers and various network of fraudsters.



Reason Of Creating Such Messages

The messages are a code scripted issue which is tunneled into various websites and provides pathways to non existing websites which don’t give any confirmation. The click baits are a way of collecting revenue in the process of money per clicks until a scapegoat eventually falls prey to whatever procedures are being given. Some of the most sophisticated anti viruses can’t stop it automatically until and unless some evasive action is being taken. While most of this is done articulately, the manner in which this is perceived is less serious. The error messages might be ignored, but there are chances that malwares are being downloaded, creeping right under noses of the users yet never detected, the different coding and templates used are giveaways as no company gives the authorization to invade privacy. The coded language used in these types of warning messages serve no purpose whatsoever as they are present as visual depiction. It is harmless but clicking on it suddenly translates into another page which gives repeated popups from fictional websites and without consent where the various download is being made.


  • Windows PC problem
  • Google Chrome Browser Error Issue
  • Infected with a virus and spyware
  • Error sl9dw6l
  • Locked red screen
  • Trojan horse virus

Fixing And Resolving Issues Properly

This is for the chrome browser by clicking on the three bar option and clicking on more tools then clicking on extensions.

Then this procedure is done:-


For Firefox Users:-

And Then :-

For Internet Explorer Users:-

And then:-

Then by going to task manager, or by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del a popup will appear as such

Then by ending the tasks by left clicking, on it, after this the crashed pages should not be reloaded at any costs whatsoever as it brings back the threats.


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