What Are The Causes Of Google Play Store Error In Retrieving Information From The Server

Google Play Store Error In Retrieving Information from the server is a common error that can be seen on various android devices. This error may reprise when you are trying to download or update any app with the help of google play store. It is a typical Google Play Store bug which also happens to be an RPC bug. This error also pops up when you are trying to retrieve information from the server RPC 7.

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So here are some of the top solutions provided by the experts which will help you solve this persisting problem on your Android device.

How To Solve Google Play Store Error In Retrieving Information From The Server?

To get rid of this issue, do follow the instructions provided down below.

1) Clean your Google Play Store Data & Cache

  • Go to your device setting
  • Search for Applications
  • After that go to the apps
  • Look for Google Play Store and open it

  • Scroll down, and you’ll find a clear data and clear cache option
  • Clean it, it might take few seconds but after it’s done, exit from your settings into your home screen
  • Try logging in again with your credentials and hopefully the issue with your play store will be solved.

This should do the job because it often so happens that the datas may strain your app and sometimes thar may get corruptedthus causing such hindrances.

2) Removing Your Google Accounts From Your Device

  • Open your device setting
  • Scroll down and open Accounts
  • From there you will find a list of accounts you have used to sign in for google apps
  • Open the google account and go to more settings
  • There’ll find a remove option and remove those account(s)
  • Removing and re-adding your account helps in solving this server issue with your llay store.

3) Do A Factory Reset

  • Before doing that, it is advisable that you back your data up.
  • After backing up your data, select the factory reset option

  • It will take a while for your phone to boot up

This is a very effective solution which works most of the times for issues like these.

4) Updating The Google Play Store App

  • Go to settings
  • Open the app section and go to the google play store app frame work
  • There will be an option called “uninstall updates.”
  • Use that; it will revert your app to its older version
  • Then reinstall your update for that app

This is a very easy tip which should help you get the issue resolved on your android device.

5) Download Third Party Apks

There are tons of other stores from where you can get your desired apps, but it might compromise the security factor. Anyway, you can allow your device to install such third party application by following these steps

  • Go to settings
  • Then look for the security settings
  • You’ll find an option where you need to tick the option which will allow the users to install apks from sources other than google play store.



This is a very clever solution, but it is always safe to download from Google Play Store since it has added a layer of security with automatic update options.

6) Restarting Your Android Device

Sometimes the android os may malfunction, this may happen due to various reasons, but whenever you are having troubles like these, you can always reboot your phone and see if the problem persists.

  • Long press the power button
  • The option will pop on the phone screen and select the restart option

  • Wait for few seconds till your phones is functional

This should help you with the issue even though it might not even work on certain occasions.

These are some of the top solutions for Google Play Store Error Retrieving Information from Server.


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