Things to know about google chrome helper and the steps to reject it

Nowadays, you all familiar with google browsers, in which you will search for some information based on your need. As a system user, your working platform may fall under the windows or Mac operation system. Sometimes, to increase the activity and speed up your process, you will install and use an additional extension on your google chrome. Those extensions will process some sort of operation on your browsing area. Here, some extensions may cost your storage and others will take less storage on your device. 

google chrome helper disabled
google chrome helper

In this case, you have to find and remove the particular process which is taking more storage on your computer system. In general, the task manager will show all these things in a single view, but search engines like google chrome, itself having a separate extension to check all the background processes. Google chrome supporting “google chrome helper” for finding the list of background processes on your device. With the help of its support, you can easily check and remove the unnecessary extensions or background process on your system which is using google chrome as a browser application.

Google chrome helper is a third-party extension

Google chrome helper
task manager

An extension means, it should provide or add some additional functions to our browsing application whenever required. To do that, it should allow you to enable and disable at any time without interruption. In google chrome, itself using the extension called, “google chrome helper” which will help to find out the background processes on your computer system and remove them in the same way. There is two way to find and remove the background extensions on your computer device. One is asking the task manager for help and the second way is google chrome.

Understanding the background processes and removing them by using the task monitor will be always easy by following these steps:If you are a windows user, 

  • You need to consider the following:
  • Choose the start button on your right corner of the windows screen.
  • Start search “task manager” and choose enter.
task monitor window
task manager
  • You will see the new task monitor window suddenly.
  • In the task monitor, you can see the list of running processes and their activity on your system.
  • Now you can remove any background process that is taking more space on your device. Later, you can reopen it and check it back in the same way. 

In this way, windows providing inbuilt support to check all kinds of background tasks simultaneously, and this way will also be applicable for Mac operating system.

You all still unaware of the query called, what is google chrome helper and how it taking part on your computer system. As usual, google giving this facility to its browsing application, but not for any specific computer system. A process of this support may differ from the task monitor of your computer system. By using this special support, you can monitor the high space-consuming process on your computer system as well as a browser application. 

  • If you are new to chrome helper, unleash it with the following steps:
  • Go to your top left corner of google chrome. There you will see three dots.
  • Choose that three dots menu.
  • Now choosemore tools and choose task monitor.
  • Now a new window named task monitor will open on your screen.
  • It will show you the list of a running process with its processing unit space. By looking at it, you can figure it out and remove the maximum space-consuming process from your browser and system. For example, you have used Twitter or YouTube for entertainment purposes and forgot to leave their usage. 
  • Now google chrome helper renderer will help you to notify these applications to leave your browser application. Since these applications are consuming high storage space on your device at that moment. Now you can remove these processes and set your device free instantly. 

To prove its functionality, you can check the same things in your task monitor and it will show you the results based on your process rejection.  

A genuine reason for using google chrome helper on your browser

Before knowing the meaning of helper support, you need to understand the concept called “rendering”. In terms of Google, rendering is a process of removing all the background processes to set the browser free to use on any computer system. While seeing the activity of this process, it may work fine and it won’t hurt your computer system for some time. But, most of the time, based on your browser usage, it will take huge space on your computer device and let all of your processes run slow. Now rendering will help to resolve all these issues in a single tap and renew all the processes within seconds.

Remove helper support from your google chrome

You found the uses of google helper support now, but why should you remove it from your browser application. In simple words, you have a task monitor on your computer system to monitor all kinds of background processes, but in google chrome, helper support is installed as an inbuilt function for its users. It is quite unnecessary and meaningless while comparing with an actual task monitor. It is thirty party application on your browser, so it will also consume space like other computer processes and it doesn’t need to show you the list of a running process. 

On the other hand, it may take extra space on your device. So, it should be removed safely by following steps:

  • You can go to the settings of your browser menu. 
  • Choose the three dots menu on your top left corner of the browsing application.
  • Now choose the more tools option and task monitor after. Now you will get the task monitor window and, in that window, you can remove the processes which are no longer required. 
remove the processes which are no longer required

In another way, 

You can simply remove the list of extensions by visiting the extension window on your google chrome application. Here, both the methods are simple and take less time to enable and disable required extensions and processes on your browser application. So, it will let your computer system work without storage issues at any time for sure