How To Solve Error Code 18 On Your Own In Windows PC Problem

If your Microsoft Windows PC shows error code 18 and you don’t know how to solve it, this is the right place to come.

It happens when the HTTPS registration page has failed. The values in the switch parameter of the exchange management also cause this prob.lem. In case of virus infection or system the error code 18 is also shown to us. When a website in Google Chrome cannot load, it also displays this kind of error 18 message.

So now let’s take a look at the tricks and tips to solve the Error Code 18 that your PC has been showing you.

  1. Try To Reinstall Your Network Adapter
  • Go to start menu
  • Go running or search for it
  • Click to open it
  • After opening it, type “hdwwiz.cpl” under the following command there.
  • Press OK
  • Locate the network adapter name you have by expanding network adapters
  • note the name
  • Then right click “adapter.”
  • click on uninstall option
  • reboot the PC once
  • reconnect to the network to test
  • download from manufacturer‘s website if not installed
  • run and reinstall
  • test it
  • close the tabs
  1. Try Resetting IP/TCP On The Windows PC
  • Click on start menu
  • Type the command prompt to open it

  • After opening type nets, inttcp reset resettcpip.txt
  • Then Press enter, and you’ll be done.
  1. By Manually Assigning The DNS Address 
  • Go to start menu and click on control panel
  • Go to “open network and sharing center” and click
  • Go to properties tab present there
  • Click on “internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” on the pop-up
  • Click on the properties tab
  • Tick mark on “use the following DNS server addresses” tab
  • Change the “preferred and alternative DNS server” by – Preferred DNS Server – Alternative DNS server –
  • Tick on “validate settings upon exit” after that ok tick button to save
  • Then wait a few seconds to save
  • Close tab after completion
  1. For Virus Or Malware Error On Your PC, Runs Antivirus (Computer) 
  • Click on the start menu
  • Go to “Microsoft security essentials.”
  • Click to open
  • Tick “full” option there and run complete scan of the entire PC
  • Wait a few minutes for scan to be complete
  • Close tab after completion
  1. Try Resetting Or Restarting Your Router

You can once try to restart or reset your router. Click on the reset button present on your router. It can solve the Spotify Installer Error Code 18 problem from the PC.

  1. Reset Internet Browser Settings
  • Click on start
  • Open browse
  • Go to settings

  • Click “show advanced settings.”
  • Click “reset browser settings.”
  • Close tab after resetting
  1. Disable Windows Firewall Settings
  • Now go to start
  • Go to control panel
  • Then click “windows firewall.”
  • Click “turn on windows firewall on/off.’
  • Tick “turn off windows firewall.”
  • Click the OK button
  1. Clear The Cache And Coolies Of The Internet Browser
  • Go to browser
  • Then click on “history.”

  • Click “clear browsing data.”
  • Tick “cookies” & caches option present
  • Tick if you need to delete more
  • Click on drop-down menu
  • Choose “from the beginning” option
  • Click “clear browsing data” button
  • Wait few minutes for deleting and close all the tabs



  1. Install Required Certificate
  • Now, go to start
  • Go to internet explorer
  • Click “internet options.”
  • Click “content.”
  • Go to “certificate.”
  • Click “intermediate certificate authorities.”
  • Click the “import and install certificate file.”
  • Or Get them from “wifi Provider Company.”
  • Click on apply
  • Select ok to save, close tab and restart PC
  1. Flush DNS By Command Prompt
  • Click on start and CMD
  • Type “ipconfig/flushdns.”
  • Press enter and start


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