How to Set Up Screen Pinning on Your Android Device?

Every time a friend or a family member asks you for your phone, it can make you feel awkward.
No matter how close someone is to you, you value your privacy. They may need the phone just
to make a Google search or make a phone call, but you don’t want anyone else to take a peek
into your selfies, gallery, secret plans, or recordings. Everyone has something on their phone
that they don’t want others to see.
There is a good chance you have kids around you who will want to watch some YouTube videos.
You don’t want them to make accidental purchases. All these issues can be addressed with the
help of hidden settings available on Android. You can set up screen pinning on your Android
smartphone to protect your privacy. Once done, you will not have to feel the cringe the next
time someone asks for your phone.

Set Up Screen Pinning on Your Android Device
Screen Pinning

Setting Up Screen Pinning
Whenever you want to limit access to a specific app on your Android device, you should use the
Screen Pinning mode. It can be compared in some ways to the Guided Access mode on iOS
devices. Screen Pinning will lock your device to a single app until you unpin it.
Find out how to set it.
 Open the ‘Settings’ app on your device and scroll down.
 Tap on ‘Password & security’
 Tap on ‘System security’ and scroll down
 Tap on ‘Screen pinning’
 Tap on the Screen pinning toggle and turn it on
 Open the app that you want to pin
 Tap on the ‘Recents’ button
 Tap the 3 dots on top of the app and tap on Pin (this will lock the app)
When it comes to unpinning the app, press and hold both the ‘Recents’ and ‘Back’ buttons

Setting Up Guest Mode
So, pinning the screen is an excellent way to restrict a single app on your Android smartphone.
However, many times you don’t want to have so many restrictions. In such a scenario, you can
use the Guest Mode.
When you use the Guest mode, it will create a temporary second profile on your device. Your
phone will be able to function fully without allowing anyone to take a peek into your apps,
accounts, browsing history, and photos.

You can set up the Guest mode using the following steps:
 Open the ‘Setting’s app and scroll down
 Tap on ‘Users & Accounts’ (When this option is not available, open ‘System’ and then
 Tap on ‘Multiple users’ and go to the bottom of the list
 Tap on ‘Guest’ and ‘Ok’
The phone will enter Guest mode. When it comes to turning this mode off, access ‘Multiple
users’ and look for your username at the top of the list, and tap on it.
So, the next time you need to hand over your phone to anyone, make sure to turn one of these
modes on. You will no longer have to feel awkward handing over your phone to anyone. Your
phone is your personal property and you don’t want anyone to access anything you don’t want
them to.