How to Find or Track Someone Who Blocks You on Facebook

Facebook is enticing new Millionaires and adolescent teens to chat with online visitors frankly. Why is Facebook expanding to reach even bathroom to make people funny when they discuss about spicy dating online. At college campus, in schools, offices and café, Facebook fans are seen rolling in fun. However, it will be disgusting in case your name is blocked by a friend on Facebook. It is not acceptable as Facebook friendship is interesting. Track that person who deactivates your account for the time being.

Tips to Track Blocker on Facebook

Facebook has no specific notification or alert system to make someone aware of the account blocking. It is the personal choice of a guy to block, lock or remove any account on Facebook. Definitely, you need to investigate how to trace the person who has had blocked or locked your name to chat online. Facebook is entirely a social media platform and online activities of people are increasing daily. However, account blocking or locking is not a new thing on Facebook. Identify a person who has already taken decision to stop chatting with you.

Use Tricks to Know Who Blocks You on Facebook

Well, don’t need professional help from any detective or intelligence squad to probe for tracking the person.  It is your personal skill with superb ability to start investigation. Certainly, there must be tricks to play. For instance, check the friend list. The particular guy who has mutual friendship with others can block you. Go to cross check the mutual friend list and type the name of person who is supposed to wipe out your name. If he is not visible on the mutual friend list, maybe he has totally removed his account or perhaps he prefers deactivation of your personal account to navigate on Facebook.

Easy Options to Track Blockers on Facebook

Many blockers on Facebook hide their identities. They don’t want to expose themselves randomly. There shortlist friends for chatting or communication.  To learn whether you are blocked, open the Facebook messenger to check the dialogue box. In past you have shared conversational messages with your friends. Right now, the online chatting is prevented due to the accounts blockage. Definitely, your profile will not be seen on his timeline after blocking.  Click the dialogue box, a small chatting window will appear with white and blue background. If it is not activated, the name of blocker will be highlighted in dark color. When you try to send the message, it will not be confirmed due to the provisional account blocking. The conversation will not stay longer or expandable. So, this indication proves that guy has blocked this chatting inbox for personal reasons.
Finally, go to Google and type name of the person with Facebook url. It will show error to open the page to see his profile on Facebook. However, in the case of complete account removable, you can still visit his timeline to do searching. In the event of account blocking, it is not possible to track the person’s timeline without unlocking.


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