How to become a villain in mad city roblox 2021? complete guide

The mad city is a top-action video game created by Schwifty Studios on 3 December 2017, and it achieved the main page two years later, on 28 January 2019. In this game, like police or hero, you need to bring peace and honesty, and as a Criminal, you need to enhance the crime rate in the game and avoid the police. The mad city is one of the famous video games.

Like Jailbreak, the extremely famous game on the platform, many unique features make Mad City more remarkable and interesting. In this year, the mad city video game becomes the 12th game to achieve 2 billion users. Here, you will get the complete guide on how to become a villain in mad city and the game’s main characters.

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mad city

About Mad City Villain: 

Criminals and prisoners may join the group
Mad City Villain

A villain is a group or team that has been added in Season 4. Criminals and prisoners may join the group by choosing the power crystal. After they are killed, they will respond with handguns at their base while still accessing the Warehouse Criminal Base and criminal base.

The Villain home is situated inside the volcano and may be used via a door on its foundation. If a Villain is killed, arrested, or murdered by a Hero or Police within a particular time duration or dies within a particular vicinity of the prison, they will respond as a prisoner.

Mad City Game – Main Characters & Gameplay


Mad City Game

Police havevarious items such as Taser, Pistol, and Handcuffs. The main aim of the police is to arrest or kill the criminal or the culprit who run-away from the jail. Police officers have to stay at the police station and take action if required.


Mad City Game

The prisoners can live in jail; their vital objective is to get out of jail and commit a crime again. Using the cans, containers, boxes, or hammers, they can escape from jail, and they open the bars and run away from jail and begin the crime again.


Mad City Game

The heroes are dissimilar from the police, the main difference is that police arrest the culprits, and they straight murder them and send them behind bars again. Heroes have extra power like Inferno, Hotrod, Proton, Hotrod, Voltron, Titan, and Archer to curb the crime rate in the state or city. If a culprit murders a hero, then extra-power will emerge from him and become a Villain.


Mad City Game

Villains are not added via the menu; they come to power when a culprit murders a hero and gains a superpower. Only they may enter under the volcano. From there, they may become Phantom, Raven, or Rykou. Villains under the volcano can reach the base and select three villains – Ryuk, Phantom, or Raven.


Mad City Game

After escaping from prison or jail, your character will be a criminal or culprit, and crime will enhance in the mad city. You may begin the robbery at various places and states, and after the stealing or robbery, you need to submit the money on the criminal base. If you are accidentally killed or murdered by the police or hero, you will be returned to prison or jail again.

Follow Simple Steps To Become a Villain in Mad City:

  • First of all, you have to visit a gun shop or criminal ground as early as possible and take armaments, grenades, and knives.
  • After that, go to the menu option and press on the “Spawn” tab, and then choose the “Mini” option where you will find a vehicle there.
  • Afterward, go to the hero’s base as early as possible and wait for the hero to kill.
  • Now, you have to kill the heroes as early as possible.
  • After killing the hero, you can take his superpowers.
  • At last, now you are the villain of this top and best mad city game and have some more additional powers than a criminal.

Final Conclusion:

The mad city has become very famous in the international gaming world, where lakhs of Roblox applicants log in and spend many hours murdering heroes to become a part of the Villain team or club. The Mad city game is extremely suggested for open-world online game lovers. Please let us know which character you like the most in the mad city game.