Getting Through The Problem Of Windows 10 Upgrade Getting Halted At 99%

It is seen that the Windows 7 users find a lot of problems at the time of upgrading the system to the new Windows 10 version. The Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99% at the time of installing it on a Windows PC for a considerable of time about 12 to 20 hours or more. Whenever a Windows 7 user tries to upgrade its system, it doesn’t get completed instead it shows the installation has been stuck around 99% and the system hangs.

If also you try to consider all the possibilities it is extremely frustrating when the installation stops at the most unusual time. You will be able to see that the installation has been completed 99% and within few seconds or minutes it can get completed but nothing happens as such, and you get an error message that says your installation is stuck and cannot be preceded further.

Most of the users are experiencing this kind of an issue at present. Here are some of the possible ways listed below that you can try to figure out the problem.

What Are The Main Reasons Of This Kind Of Error?

Numerous reasons cause this problem in your system up gradation, but most of the time same reasons try to prevent you from upgrading is such as:

  • A Clash with the windows update.
  • Some of the Windows 7 updates when the left is pending.
  • When your hardware does not support Windows 10.

There might be several other causes that might stop you from getting a Windows 10 update on your Windows 7 PC, but there are major four methods that can solve your problem which include:

Solution 1:

Make Use Of The Windows Media Creation Option

Have you heard about the windows upgrade assistant tool that can help you in upgrading the Windows 7 to Windows 10? Did your Windows upgrade assistant get stuck at 99% when the upgrade was going on? You need to utilize the Windows Media creation option and go for the installation and check is it again gets stuck or not.

Solution 2:

Stop Using The Windows Update Service

It is a beneficial method and can be performed any time when the Windows stop updating. You can use this step in the very first place as it involves halting or stopping the windows update services to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the upgrading processes taking place.When you stop using the windows update services, it will stop running in the background, and during this time you can upgrade your Windows 7 without any problems.

How To Stop Windows Update Service?

Step 1: Click on the “Windows” keyboard option along with “R” to open the run page.Step 2: In the Run page type, services.msc and click on the enter button. Here you will find the list of services.Step 3: Scroll down the list and search for Windows update and double click on the option.Step 4: When you double click on read option the properties page opens. Here, you need to click stuff and change the start-up to manual.Step 5: After changing the start-up to manual you need to click on the option “apply to make the changes” and close the page.If you successfully close the windows update services you can see the installation program running smoothly and even gets completed within time without stopping.



Solution 3:

Install All The Pending Windows 7 Updates

If you haven’t updated all your windows 7 update, you need to do it right now to complete installing Windows 10 on your PC. You need to understand that you cannot move on to Windows 10 without installing the Windows 7 updates.

Solution 4:

Wait Till Everything Gets Fine

If all the three above tricks do not work and you still face the problem of windows 10 upgrade getting stuck at 99%, you need to sit tight for the update to complete. You do not have any other option other than waiting for everything to finish. It is seen that people try to get through the installation with the tricks mentioned above but failed terribly and finally decided to sit tight for the completion of the installation for about a day or two.


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