Free Benchmarking Tool For You Pc

Benchmarking is a process that includes the running of a series of pre-determined tests or any operation in a system/computer which helps in the assessment of the system performance. With the help of this process, you can evaluate the power of your machine and ensure the processes and hardware processes running in the way it is supposed to. It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer who is busy validating themselves with their PC specs or overclock enthusiast; there are tones of free benchmarking tools which are available on the internet.

Free Benchmarking Tool For You Pc

A List Of Free Benchmarking Tool For PC Users

1) SiSoftware Sandra:

SiSoftware Sandra is a well-known tool which provides basic system information and provides benchmarking tools as well. It also has a premium variant which isn’t quite necessary if you will just be using this for benchmarking purposes. It gives you the following details

  • GPU usage
  • CPU usage
  • file system performance
  • memory bandwidth

Once you are done with this free benchmarking tool, it will divide a comparison chart with intricate details and graphs. It is quite useful software for the nitpicky users.

2) 3DMark:

Futuremark’s 3DMark is specifically or rather suitably made for gamers. This offers you with an extensive CPU performance benchmarks which can help you quantify your PC performance.  It can both be used for DX 11/9 with 3DMark11 & 3DMark06 respectively for benchmarking. These tests done will provide benchmark scores, and the 3Dmark software is free to use but has less diversity in options.

3) HD Tune

The HDD is an integral as well as a very important part of any system which also plays a significant role in benchmark tests. The SSDs have been a game changer out doing their predecessors and rustling some serious jimmies. HD tune is designed to assess the write-capacity and pre-read power along with minimum transfer rate of SSDs. It takes some time to complete the benchmark but can give you an objective measurement of any system deemed worthy of comparison. This also has a paid version, but it is mostly not required.


The perfect and the most user-friendly benchmarking tool designed just for the gamers and YouTubers. This is the only non-synthetic benchmarking tool, unlike other ones. It just records the performance of your system instead of running various performance tests, unlike other software. Fraps assess the performance of the FPS churned out by your system while playing games. Higher the FPS, the higher is the performance. This works for most of the games but might not be compatible with DX 12 games even though there are fixes for that. It can also record raw and high-quality gameplay videos in any resolution. Like other tools, fraps also comes with a paid variant and the unpaid version with its features is quite satiable.

5) Novabench:

This is a combined benchmarking tool for CPU, GPU, and RAM, dISK DRIVES. This all in all PC benchmarking tool is free and is very useful for most of the hardware enthusiasts; In fact, there is no paid version of this software. It packs all of it and it’s free. It is relatively faster and mostly takes a minute or so to run tests. The all-around “NovaScore” is what gives you an entire summary of your system performance. It also gives you a detailed description of all the other benchmark score which can help you with the comparison.

6) Unigine Benchmarks:

This is a commercial game engine which helps in the development of games on any platform. This game engine also provides benchmark scores which part of a promotion that the company does. Currently, it sports the test with four benchmarks of which heaven taxes the GPU with DX 11 technology along with an extensive amount of tessellation. The valley benchmark is a GPU stress test which can push the GPU beyond its limits. The software gives you an intricate display of GPU usage, power and even the clock speed of it.

These are amongst the few best benchmarking tools out there which also happen to be free.