Easily Fix The Windows That Cannot Find The Gpedit.Msc File Error

The Policy Editor is a very important feature of the Microsoft Windows which cstem could not detect the file which you asked for and occurs mostly when you try to activate the action center, but there is no gpedit.msc file. It may occur for many reasons- The policy editor is not installed in your PC, there might be a Virus or Malware Infection, Windows PC error issue, there might be a Permission malfunction, etc.  It may be frustrating to face this error when you are doing or searching for something important, but if you follow the methods mentioned in this article, you might solve the error on your own.

1. Download and Install Editor Of Group Policy Manually

Install Editor Of Group Policy
Editor Of Group Policy Manually

The first and most effective thing which you can do is to download and install this manually according to what your Windows version is.

For x32 Version of Windows, follow these steps-

•    Download the Group Policy Editor and unzip this using WinRAR, 7-Zip or WinZip.

•    Then Run the setup file and wait for the installation process to complete.

•    Now open Run from the Start Menu or by pressing the Win & R keys.

•    Type ‘gpedit.msc’ in the box and press Enter

Group Policy Editor

•    After its done close all tabs and it will be done.

This above mentioned method is for solving the error in the Windows-32 bit version

For x64 Version of Windows, follow these steps-

•    First, go to C:\Windows and open the ‘SysWOW64’ folder present there.

•    From there, copy the below folders and files-

1. Gpedit.msc

2. GroupPolicy Users folder

3. GroupPolicy Folder

•    After you have finished copying all the folders and files, paste them into this folder- C:\Windows\System32.

•    Now, open the Run prompt from the Start menu or pressing Win+R keys, type the command ‘gpedit.msc’ and press Enter.

•    Then close all tabs and you are done.

2. Full Malware Scan Of You System

This error might occur in your system because of some virus or malware infection. So it is essential that you must do a full system check and see if there is any problem. If there is any malware problem then quickly resolve it with the antivirus immediately.

3. Outdated Device Drivers

The Gpedit.msc error can happen due to outdated or expired Windows drivers, so you must check your system whether it has any update pending. You can do it using the default windows updater or use any third party apps like DriverDoc which are effective when it comes to these matters, to update your drivers and system definitions and make your system stable.

4. Check Your System For Any Corrupted Files

To do this, you can use File Checker. If it finds the problem with the MSC or another serious system file, then it will attempt for replace automatically the problematic files. To do this opens the Start Menu and type ‘command’ and while holding the CTRL+Shift press Enter. Click YES on the poped up dialog box and a black color box will then open which will have the blinking cursor, then Type the “sfc /scannow” and ENTER. After this, the File Checker will start scanning for gpedit.msc as well as other system file errors. Wait for a few moments, and it will be done.

5. Reinstall The Windows

This might be the last resort which you can take up and apply to fix the error. However, you must know that reinstalling the Windows will erase everything from your hard drive and reinstall new software into it. The installation of a new Windows will ensure the cleaning of any junk or unnecessary or corrupted files which might have been on the hard drive and causing the error.

These are the quick methods for you to apply and solve the error. Hope these solutions will surely work for you and quickly solve your Gpedit.msc problem in your system.