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Get Your Favorite Android Apps and Games from Google Play Store in Simple Steps

Google Play Store, formerly recognized by the name of Android Market, is a well-known and popular virtual store that includes various sorts of digital content for a different sort of Android-based devices whether it’s a phone or

Know Quick Ways to Easily Root Your Android Phone or Tablet In Seconds

Rooting! Are you one among those users for whom Rooting sounds scary? However, rooting your Android phone or tablet’s core software sometimes seems like a disastrous recipe, as your one wrong move will let you alone with

Top 5 Android carpool apps to beat the ‘Odd-Even’ rule in Delhi

As an attempt to save environment from pollution, Delhi Government has taken an attempt i.e. the ‘Odd-Even’ rule from the first day of 2016. According to the rule, on even dates, only cars with license plates ending

Root and Update your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with Android Marshmallow Beta 6.0

If you are eager to update your Samsung Galaxy S6 with the latest Android Marshmallow 6.0, then we have some good news for you. Yes, the official update is out and now you can enjoy the great

Innovative Methods to Transfer Blackberry Contacts to Android via Bluetooth

Frankly speaking, Blackberry users are found much enthusiastic to buy Android based phones. They are not satisfied with old models of smart phones.  Android phones are sophisticated, ultra sleek and enriched in many excellent tech features.  So

Display the on-Screen Keyboard

Android smart phone is extremely sophisticated with ultra sleek glossy touch screen for navigation. Well at the same time, android also offers a unique on-screen keypad for you to type smoothly using your soft finger tips. Use